The Cruise Captain & Expedition Leader sent their thanks

Heidi with Captain Margrith Ettlin 

Heidi greets Captain Margrith Ettlin of the Silver Explorer cruise ship May 21, 2018 - Eureka stop.

Greeted by bands, and vans for local tours, several passengers disembarked on a gorgeous sunny day. Time was spent hiking in Trinidad, our famous Redwoods or shopping with the local old town merchants. The Captain of the cruise line expressed her enthusiasm for the stop and expressed interest in coming again, perhaps for a longer stay even!

Congratulations to all involved in this event. Your hard work did not go unnoticed. We can not go without expressing much gratitude and thanks to all the locals who came together to make this event happen; readying old town for the visit, and shuttling off the visitors for their expeditions.  Pictured below is Heidi with Alanna Powell, Director of the Eureka Visitor Center who, with her dedicated team served as the point person in Eureka for coordinating the expeditions for the cruise. 

Heidi with Alanna Powell


Allana and team received an outstanding e-mail full of thanks and rave reviews...

"... I want to say a big big THANK YOU for a fantastic time in Eureka!

Our guests absolutely loved the stop...

... they wished it had been an all-day stop and they think we should go back again. 

The party on the pier at the end of the visit far exceeded my expectations...

Thank you to each and every one of the vendors...

Please know your efforts are much appreciated...

... our reports for Eureka reflect all the hard work that went into make the call a huge success.

All the best and I hope our paths cross again.

~~ Kit "

Kit van Wagner

Expedition Leader and Manager Expedition Training - Silversea Cruises


To Further the thanks, Heidi received a quick e-mail of thanks from Captain Margrith Ettlin that she'd like to share with everyone as well. 

Good evening Heidi,

All my thanks goes back to you and all the persons welcomed me, my crew and guests in Eureka. We all loved your little city and the welcoming surprise on the pier exceeded everyones’ expectations. I sincerely do hope to be back soon with one of our ships and certainly when tasting the fine chocolate I received I will think about our lovely stay in Eureka.

Thank you for the pictures and for the great time we had there and please extend my thanks to all of you.

Best regards, 

Margrith Ettlin

Master | Silver Explorer

If you haven't had a chance to read the article in the Times Standard about the Eureka stop take a look here.

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