A poem for Heidi


What a great time it was Friday night meeting with everyone. We will plan to be at more Friday Night Market events.

Heidi met a young poet, Bella,  who had a booth set up and created a poem for Heidi.

We thought you would love it as much as we do!

"Heidi, Mayor, Eureka,

ready to lead strong women power in our community eureka will know her name

heidi lead with power heidi lead with strength and all of humbolt will

know your name."


Poetry by... Bella


Thank you Bella!

Next time you're at Friday Night Market, make sure you stop by and chat with Bella! Perhaps she'll create a poem for you too!


If you'd like to support Heidi on her endeavor to become Mayor of Eureka, please sign up at Heidi's campaign site. 


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